Here it is possible to download documents and applications developed by the researchers of Netlang, Complex Networks and Language.

  • Netlang software. [download]
    •  The software created specifically for linguistic analysis by means of complex networks. If you include Netlang in your works and publications, please, remember to cite this work: 

(2017) Barceló-Coblijn L, Serna Salazar D, Isaza G, Castillo Ossa LF, Bedia MG (2017) Netlang: A software for the linguistic analysis of corpora by means of complex networks. PLoS ONE 12(8): e0181341.

  • User Guides in pdf: [English]
  • Videos: 
  • Syntactic protocol. [Available soon]
    • A protocol, created by expert syntacticians, for the syntactic analysis of corpora. It integrates several solutions for technical problems that could arise due to some specificities of Dependency Grammars. Proposals for analysis are solidly grounded on Linguistic Theory.