Manuel G. Bedia

What do have in common cities, cells, ecosystems, Internet, economy, the language capacity, the brain and the different societies? How do groups of organisms coordinate in order to survive as a group, though without the necessity of a leader?

Since more than a decade my research and academic activity is focused in understanding the mechanims, organization and adaptive principles in both artificial and natural systems, and then using this knowledge in the design of intelligent applications, broadening their ambit and range of operativity.

Although popular knowledge defines the word “complex” as a synonym of “difficult”, in science its use is more tied to the latin root: plexus means intertwined. Thus, complex systems cannot be understood analyzing the behavior of elements that constitute them, but looking at the ways these elements interact.

I’m physicist and a senior researcher at the Dept. of Informatics and Systems Engineering of the Universidad de Zaragoza.

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